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(#02) 62 SNES icons

...aaaaaand she's back from the dead.

This time I offer you some 62 SNES icons (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, in case you spent the 90s in a shoebox (or watching MTV)).

"OMFG! Liek, I'm not clicking on your lj-cut of evil! There's 62 icons in there. My computer will totally get fried!" I hear you scream.

No, no. Rest assured that these icons pose no threat to either you or your system. About half of them are just 1k in size. That's close to nothing. The average animated one is just 4k. Altogether, there is 166k behind this cut (not including all the text, which, although completely unnecessary, was inserted there by the buckloads...obviously by some kind of deranged egomaniac). That's like looking at 4 or 5 animated icons.


The names of the games these icons are from can usually be found in the icon name. If you feel the undying desire to ask me something about a game (or perhaps catch up on old times we never had) then...well, no one's stopping you. I'm feeling like a kindergarten teacher here. Must I state the bleeding obvious?

While I'm on the subject of stating the obvious, I will, nay, must remind each and every person taking these, to credit me (or this community, whichever will make your much-visited 'pictures' page look cooler). I'm not really anal about it, but I did spend a lot more time on some of these than I should have.

Onwards, comrades!

(In this bowling game, I could only get a screenshot of what a loser looks like. It was umm...a technical problem. Yeah.)

Damn, I just realised I totally forgot to make an icon of Po from Earthbound. How can life go on? (Too bad I'm way too tired and lazy to even contemplate it. Anybody really need Po? I will deliver if he is requested.

Though if I remember correctly, Po doesn't walk. He just sits there and stares at you.....silly Po.

Who names their kid 'Po', anyway?)

I love love love the silly wankers in this wrestling game. Their names are, respectively: Sam Warhammer, Baron Kaiser, Selvis Takito, Ace Wagata. Aaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahhahaha!

Baron Kaiser is now our community mascot. Long live the Baron! (He's German.)

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee! Look at the gang go! Too bad you can't have all 8 appear as one big happy icon.

You know, when you look at them long enough, they start looking evil. Maybe they're on their way to crash someone's party.

I wouldn't place any bets on the left one if I were you.

I only included these losers because they looked like computer programmers.

Next theme: Bjork videos.

Yes, Bjork.
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