Jugar Por La Playa (angrycommunist) wrote in anothericonlj,
Jugar Por La Playa

(#03) 26 Bjork video icons

Just when you thought I was just going to spend the rest of my life picking lint out of my bellybutton, I come back to give you...

*drumroll nowhere within sight earshot*

...icons from the following Bjork videos:

-Army Of Me
-Big Time Sensuality
-It's Oh So Quiet

Half-way through making these, I realised I wanted to make a lot more, so there will be an upcoming second part, probably featuring another 3 videos. I'll sustain from doing that for as long as possible, as I'm sure the non-Bjork-fans of this community aren't having too much of a groovy time right now.


(I did not come up with the idea for this. I saw it a couple of years ago on a messageboard, so there. I claim nothing.)

No cryptic messages dwelling there!

Oh, I never get tired of saying this: don't feel shy or overly shitheaded enough to ask me to make alterations to any these. (I'll pretend to be pissed off, but the fact remains that I don't have much to do anyway, and would gladly keep myself busy doing something for you.)

P.S.- check out a REALLY cool thing you can do at this community! Uber fun.

Next theme: making fun of perfect icons.
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