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(#03) 26 Bjork video icons

Just when you thought I was just going to spend the rest of my life picking lint out of my bellybutton, I come back to give you...

*drumroll nowhere within sight earshot*

...icons from the following Bjork videos:

-Army Of Me
-Big Time Sensuality
-It's Oh So Quiet

Half-way through making these, I realised I wanted to make a lot more, so there will be an upcoming second part, probably featuring another 3 videos. I'll sustain from doing that for as long as possible, as I'm sure the non-Bjork-fans of this community aren't having too much of a groovy time right now.


Yeah, so here they are.Collapse )

P.S.- check out a REALLY cool thing you can do at this community! Uber fun.

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(#02) 62 SNES icons

...aaaaaand she's back from the dead.

This time I offer you some 62 SNES icons (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, in case you spent the 90s in a shoebox (or watching MTV)).

"OMFG! Liek, I'm not clicking on your lj-cut of evil! There's 62 icons in there. My computer will totally get fried!" I hear you scream.

No, no. Rest assured that these icons pose no threat to either you or your system. About half of them are just 1k in size. That's close to nothing. The average animated one is just 4k. Altogether, there is 166k behind this cut (not including all the text, which, although completely unnecessary, was inserted there by the buckloads...obviously by some kind of deranged egomaniac). That's like looking at 4 or 5 animated icons.


62 joys of pixelCollapse )

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