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Yet Another Icon Journal

...Or is it? *shifty eyes*

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Free biscuits to those who join!

*goes in search of crumpets in the unlikely event that people actually fall for that one*

Never really got around to creating a user info, but (and you will be hearing this a lot from me) I will do so soon.

We (and by 'we', naturally, I mean 'I') take pride in the fact that no icons contain:

-wise sayings or song lyrics (except for the whole Bjork manifesto I have coming up). Let's face it, no one ever reads those. Or cares.
-recent popular-to-a-pathetic-extent fiction and fantasy movie stills (LOTR, Harry Potter, Matrix).
-kittens, bunnies, puppies or anything else easy to kill.
-the 'beautiful' people.
-a degree of talent. Mmmm....doubley so on this one.

Don't you agree, Bjork?


Anyway, currently the only icons are being posted by me, angrycommunist. In time, I will be granting posting access to fellow ring-bearers icon-makers.

Yes, I take requests. Leave them as comments to any entry here.

Also: check out the memories. You might find something there. Use an ointment to get rid of any rashes you might have.

Affiliates and other good places to get good icons: squeek_icons, madebymi, icon_heaven, junedreaming, aibi.

Oh, almost forgot. Make sure to bow down to our community mascot. Baron Kaiser!!!!!!